Peoples' Stories

To work with  people to empower and assist them to improve their health, welfare and general standard of living.

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Experiences From Our Team


Warwick, Advocate

Having recently joined the Advocacy team I have been impressed with the knowledge they have built up about all of the benefits and entitlements that people in the Hawkes Bay can access. They are a group of caring people who are keen to get people who are in need the support they require.


Lavinia, Advocate

I am currently still training and have learnt so much from the other advocates. This has given me the confidence tocommence working with my own clients and it gives me a lot of pleasure seeing the advice I have been able to give make a difference for people who find Government departments difficult to deal with.


Malcolm, Advocate

We are all volunteers. So we really do want to help people. Make your day and contact us.

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Jeremy, Advocate

I feel privleged to have the opporuntity to train as a voluntary advoacte and learn ways of helpng people in the comunity negotiate the often tricky pathways of government services through research and planning. I think PAS is an organisation with highly commendable values. It is a genuine, actively-listening voice for the dis-empowered.

Voices From Our Clients


Laura, Client

I had been worrying about my son J for ages and couldn't seem to get him motivated to look for work or study or even go to see WINZ to find out what support they could offer. We met with the advocate who convinced my son that there were options for him and showed him where to go, who to talk with and what he was able to get to support him and me. He even wrote a letter that J could take with him which introduced him and explained what he needed.


Nathen, Client

My home needed a new hot water system and I just didn't have the money to pay. The PAS advocate helped me to apply to WINZ for funding support to buy what I needed and arranged a way that I could pay the money back at a rate I could afford over the winter. A great result.


Lorraine, Client

I received the very best service and result in dealing with a problem with Work & Income. Your staff gave me all the support, information and advised Work and Income of her involvement in my case.


It was only after a few days and the whole matter was sorted out and I faced none of the outcomes I had been threatened.

I can thoroughly recommend your Society.


R & A, Napier Client

As clients, we can only rave on how amazing the Advocacy service is and how thankful we are it is there for us! Malcolm went above and beyond over an 18 month period in helpng us clear an unsubstantiated debt with Winz. We are so very grateful for all your wisdom, knowledge and help during our case!